About The Ceo

 Prayer, Peace, Power and Purpose. Founder and CEO keeps those P’s at the forefront of her life daily. Her dreams are /were big and she diligently worked on her skills in hopes of owning her own business one day. Tacorra knew her dream of becoming a Business Owner would eventually be in fruition sooner than later. New beginnings at starting from literally scratch. With ways to go and grow.She carefully curated what is now Curvy Waist Gyals, What is The Mission of the Brand ? God fearing, living a life without limits, and having vivid dreams you affirm and are in control of. Tacorra quietly worked on her brand for Months before she launch on her birthday 7-11 ( Seven Eleven represents (New beginnings ) amongst other Godly and good quality quotes and scriptures. Curvy Waist Gyals was born from a need and want to lead & live a healthy quality life while providing and Catering to “This Everything All Women” Diversity Brand to women of Every Culture All Over the World. With an Devine understanding of women and appreciation of the female mystique, It was the visionary with the insight and foresight to define an entire Shape-wear, Weight Loss, Yoni Wellness & Intimacy pleasures Brand, setting the global standard. Our storied legacy begins with a vision from Tacorra Nichole an dedicated mother of 3 amazing so precious to her heart and soul individuals Michael Jr, Michaela & Miloh, whom she affirmed Curvy Waist Gyals” just hours of his birth within a Affirmations letter to the most High -God!, with just a visionary It has become so much more and has so much further to go. She loves being her own boss, she has a tremendous amount of patience and faith that The Brand will absolutely occupy the future!  As she continues to grow, she consistently finds ways to honor herself and her commitment to God. She not only encourages and uplift others, but she supports small Business Owners, just as herself.Curvy Waist Gyals Quality Shapewear, all vegan body products and dietary supplements are shipped with Love straight out of Ohio. We are an independently-owned company that is prone in providing quality Shapewear & using no gmo products with deliciously nourishingVegan ingredients to create superior performance!  (of course!) that's so effortlessly enhancing—because we are the gyals who are committed and happily Caters to a Diversity of women across the world. All of our Products Are Proudly Prepared and Never Tested on Animals. Our premium line of quality Colombian Shapers & products are carefully prepped in sanitation for your wellness protection! Indulge yourself with all our Products! You can Shop with Ease here with Us! You’ll Love the Results of each product or item of any of our category’s. ( Guaranteed ). “The Founder and CEO epitomize the strengths of the entire brand —continuity and tradition propelled by innovation and new evolutions constantly.” We’re Grateful for any and all customers that has patronage Curvy Waist Gyals! Products out of stock? , Want to purchase but have to wait till payday ect, Well It costs nothing to support! Like, share and tag us on Instagram @curvywaistgyals 

Stay Blessed! God is Love & Loves You! 

1 John 4:7-8 7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love