• Is there a difference between the Seedless Yoni Gel and the regular Yoni Gel (with seeds)? No; all Yoni Gels are formulated the same. The only difference is the addition of poppy seeds.
  • Why did I receive a different color Yoni Gel than what’s on Curvywaistgyals website? We make our Yoni Gels in a variety of colors using skin safe organic mica powders. The color Yoni Gel you receive will vary unless otherwise stated in our product descriptions.
  • Can all of the bars be used for full body use? Yes, all of our bars can be used for your entire body excluding intimate areas such as the external female and male intimate areas . The Yoni Bar is the only bar formulated and recommended for cleansing your intimate areas.
  • Should I use the yoni bar inside of my vagina? We highly recommend that you do not use the yoni bar inside of your vagina, it should only be used externally. Be sure to consult with your OBGYN or a medical professional before using any of our products.


    • When will I receive a tracking number? Our order processing time is 5-14 business days after the order is placed. Once your order is ready to be shipped, we will email you your shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.


  • The typical delivery time frame is between 1-3 business days, and The average delivery for USA time is between 5-14 days; however, you may receive your items much earlier


    • Friendly Warning Alert: 
  • If there is ever a promotional sale going on, during that period. Our processing times will be extended to 7-25 business days.


  • What happens if my order is returned to sender? If your order is returned to us, you will be refunded (minus the shipping cost). CURVY WAIST GYALS is not responsible for any shipment issues caused by UPS or USPS.


  • Can I cancel my order once it is placed? All sales are final. We do not allow order cancellations or offer refunds and exchanges.


  • What if I input the wrong shipping address for my order? Please email us at Curvywaistgyals@gmail.com  for immediate assistance updating your shipping address. If your order is shipped before we are able to update your shipping address, we will provide steps for updating your shipping address and delivery preferences with our shipping carrier.


  • Do you ship internationally? We ship worldwide excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


  • How do I stay updated on upcoming restocks and sales?

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  • Do you offer products for men? Not currently. 

  • Can I use the products if I’m pregnant? We recommend consulting with your OBGYN or a medical professional before using the Yoni Bar or any of our products.

  • I have another question. Email us at curvywaistgyals@gmail.com; we got you Curvy Waist Bae!