Our Core Values


We are proud of our products, but we typically don’t shout it from the rooftop. Instead, we prefer to let our products and customers enjoy the quality products and ingredients.

Our core values can be recognized in our product. We don’t promise an overnight Journey. Getting your better body takes consistency , and the more you make the changes needed — the faster you’ll see the results you’re craving and desire!


These products are designed to help women from all states and areas of life. Whether you’re a mother trying to get her body back, or someone who struggles with getting to the body you’ve dreamed of or desired —  this product is for all women just like you & you & you! 


Made vegan and cruelty free, our products are derived from key organic ingredients without any kind of harm or testing to animals. 


We believe our customers trust in us is fundamental to their shopping experience. We are dedicated to high standards of quality and service to make certain that you can always rely on us. We impose strict quality controls on everything we sell. We individually double check everything before it is packed and shipped, giving you complete peace of mind when shopping with us.


We believe that every step and detail matters when it comes to your shopping experience. It is a team effort, and internally we have clear guidance to communicate our philosophy. Everyone on our team is dedicated to perfect your experience. This is includes our Products, our Customer Service, and our Logistics. We care, every step of the way.


Our goal is to create a Hassle-free shopping process for you to make it easy to shop with us. This means no confusing policies or complicated forms.

If you have questions or concerns, our Customer Service team is here to help 24/7! (EMAIL) Every day we are constantly looking to simplify more and improve your experience.


We believe that every order is an opportunity to make someone happy.

It is our everyday joy and goal to deliver happiness to our customers with an enjoyable experience. We hold this at heart and it has been a constant motivation for us to keep improving.


Everything about Our brand revolves around our commitment to help you and inspire confidence in you. We have managed to build up a reputable establishment with our customers through customer care and commitment. 

Fun Facts & Benefits of Wearing Colombian Shapers and Fajas! 

Whether you’re following your doctor’s recommendation after a surgical procedure, getting your body back after childbirth, or maintaining an hourglass figure as a routine, a Curvy Waist Gyals Colombian Faja Bodyshaper will be your favorite undergarment. 


  1. "Body shapers are designed for plus size people only". Not true. Who said they're the only ones that use them? or that they need to use them at all? Men or women with any kind of shape can enjoy the benefits a girdle has to offer.
  2. "Colombian shapewear and body shapers are made with the purpose of losing weight." Also, not true. While they could help sculpt, tighten and protect your skin you could only loose weight by having a balanced diet and exercise.
  3. "Choosing a smaller size will make it more effective" And the third time is the charm... NOT. Experience, research, and technology has allowed the use of fabrics with compression and the right elasticity to fit each size comfortably. Wearing a smaller size could result in discomfort with no extra benefit or just.. not fitting at all.
  4. "You can't use the restroom when you wear a shaper /Faja " This is not always true, the latest designs do come with a perineal opening, could be zipper, hook closure, and others even bring an "underwear" addition that makes it easier to answer nature's call.


  1. Slimmer look: From the time you put your garment on, your appearance changes for the better. You’ll feel the right compression and enhancement over the areas you desire.
  2. Support: Comfortable support is important for your wellness. For instance, bust and back support are crucial to improving your posture.
  3. Security: Knowing that your God's gifts are tucked in the right place will give you a sense of security with any outfit you wear.
  4. Increased thermal activity and blood flow: Fajas increase thermal activity which results in a positive effect on your blood flow and plays an important role in getting rid of toxins.
  5. Minimizes cellulite appearance: Fajas not only tackle flabbiness but also tone up your skin. Cosmetic surgeons often recommend their use after certain procedures to enhance shaping results and reduce inflammation.
  6. Confidence: Last but not least. Seeing your new figure and how well you look paired with your favorite outfits will give you an extra boost of confidence.

Of course, knowing which body shaper suits your body type best and also your target zone is crucial. If you are a beginner, or if you need some guidance in sizing - we do offer personalized advisory in our Email. You may send us a live message in our web feature, or DM on our social media platform.

  • If you choose to target tummy, we recommend waist cinchers or tummy control garments. For example: 

Curvy Waist Tummy Waist wrap or Our Curvy High waist Tummy Control or our Curvy Tummy control Butt lift combo shapers there all designed to be worn daily. Controls the tummy area, cinches your waist and reduces sizes with daily use, and also corrects your posture. 

  • If your target zone is thighs, we recommend knee length shapers to help either smoothen or compress the area. For example: 

Our Jayda Wayda x Curvywaistgyals Romp proper shorts, or our Ari x Curvywaistgyals Faja shapers both supports in the abdominal area for optimal Tummy Control, Knee Length faja to smooth and control thighs. Whereas:

Curvy High compression ULTRA BUTT LIFTER Knee Length shaper! It Hooks faja keeps you sculpted and rightly compressed from waist to thighs with a beautiful enhancing butt lifting effect. 

Wearing a Colombian shaper should be a positive and comfortable aspect of your daily routine, just like a good bra or pair of panties. Finding the one that makes you feel comfortable and that adapts to your needs will motivate you to wear it daily and not only look great, but feel great. They become a tool that make you feel more confident, safer and sexier every day.

The benefits are not only physical but also psychological.